Use It Again!

The Challenge: Try to reuse three things this week. For example, bring paper or plastic bags to the grocery store. (Or reuse cloth bags—you can usually buy them at the store for about a dollar!) Other ideas: Make a pad out of used writing paper; store food in a plastic yogurt container; or just take out a book at the library—that's reusing something, too!
Two videos about reusing things, made by kids for kids:

Bonus: If you already have a reusable grocery bag, try decorating it here. (Hint: click on the other links on the left side to learn more about Reuse and Recycling!)

1. Take back the Tap. Learn about drinking water here.

2. Learn about global warming here.

3. Take the Big Green Pledge. Pick a few things YOU can do to help save CO2 and Energy
1. Walk or ride your
 bikes to school (instead of driving).

2. Adopt a piece of the Earth (Scroll down to Project Spotlight: Playground Pickup)

3. Learn together
1. Explore your school with the Green Squad

2. Take the Catalog Canceling Challenge at your school.

3. Adopt a Rainforest. Look here.

1. Fill out the Kids’ Environmental Report Card

2. Learn all about composting

3. Have an energy scavenger hunt
You want to create a Schoolyard Hummingbird Habitat.

Invite these amazing birds into your schoolyard and curriculum with this fun activity from
Kids vs Global Warming.
Check out this non-profit organization founded and led by Alec Loorz, who is now 14 years old.
  They’re all kids!
Share the stories of this year’s Eco Hero Awards Winners
  Read about Hannah McHardy, Rainforest Hero.


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