Defend Endangered Species!

1. It’s actor Michael Welch from “Twilight!

2. Some videos made for kids by kids.

3. The Animated Groundwater Video.
1. Learn more about recycling and trash

2. Play the Whale Migration Game from NOAA

3. Click on “Games” and see what you find
1. Write a Silly Story at Ranger Rick’s Green Zone

2. Learn to compost with worms

3. National Green Week is coming! There’s still time to sign up.
1. Measure your shower and compare it to other kids’.

2. Make Recycled Paper: Here.

3. For younger kids: Make Rainbow Celery!
Question: Why can’t you play cards in the jungle?
Answer: Because there are too many cheetahs!

Question: What did the light bulb say when it was switched off?
Answer: “I’m delighted!”

Question: If you are in a room with three monkeys, and one holds a banana, one has a book, and the other has a pencil, who is the smartest animal in the room?
Answer: Hopefully, YOU!
Welcome to EekoHouse.
Go through the EekoHouse and make sure everything is good & green:
Meet Simon Hippo. Let Simon teach you about Global Warming with these cartoons & games.
Play with Phil and Bert
Play Bert & Phil’s Waterbusters game and help save water around the hous.


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