1. Whats an endangered species?

2. What does a whale look like close up?

3. The amazing polar bears
1. What is energy and where does it come from?

2. What Is Wind Power?

3. How can we use the energy of the sun?
1. How much water is in your body?

2. What is the Water Cycle?

3. How do we save water and stop pollution?

1. What is recycling?

2. What can be recycled?

3. Why recycle?
Do you think we get enough energy from the sun to make solar power work? You'd better believe it! The Earth gets 10,000 times more energy from the sun than humans use every year.

The fuel cost for an all-electric car equals about 85¢ a gallon.
Food & Global Warming.
Does your hamburger make the Earth hotter? Find out here.
Visit the Planet Patrol!
Check out their articles about the environment. Written by kids for kids!
Honey bees are disappearing!
Heres more about it.


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